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The following trading strategies are now being broadcast by us on the Superalgos platform as part of our signal offering:Base Soaring
Expected APY 119%
150k SA token required
Trend Soaring
Expected APY 235%
750k SA token required
The Beast
Expected APY 317%
2.5M SA token required

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❇️To learn about the Trend Soaring strategy, please read this Medium post. At this point, there is no description for Base Soaring or The Beast, but jump on to our Telegram group and we can tell you more about them.
❇️To discuss copy trading in Superalgos or get help setting up the signals infrastructure, join the Superalgos Trading Group.
❇️To engage with the broader community, join the Superalgos Community group.

Stay tuned for even more strategies!⚠️ Remember that none of this is financial advice. Trading is inherently risky and you may lose all or part of your capital. Also notice that performance in backtesting is not an indication of live trading performance and that live performance is not an indication of future performance! Copy trade at your own risk!


We're a group of individuals located around the globe, with experience from many fields incl. data analysis, trading, electrical engineering, that has a burning passion for optimizations.Using javascript, python and the amazing tool Superalgos we try to maximize our trading strategies in an automated way.


You'll find the team hanging out in our telegram channel.