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We believe in the power of science, data analysis and teamwork. Together we've built something incredible for you to try.

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It's been a long time coming, and we’re excited to share it with the rest of the world. The SIGNALYTIC Team has managed to produce something we think is incredible thanks to our experienced team.The performance of this signal has been amazing so far and we believe that it will continue to perform well in the future. Through testing and analyzing our work we found ways to make this strategy ready for all market conditions.During our backtests, which stretched from the beginning of 2018 until the end of august 2022 the results were, in lack of other words, insanely excellent.23000%Follow the link below to our recent blog post to learn more about it and how you can earn up to 235%/year

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We're a group of individuals located around the globe, with experience from many fields incl. data analysis, trading, electrical engineering, that has a burning passion for optimizations.Using javascript, python and the amazing tool Superalgos we try to maximize our trading strategies in an automated way.


You'll find the team hanging out in our telegram channel.